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New Biome, Creatures, Climbing, & Crop Update Ideas

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I was thinking you could add a huge underground tunnel system made by moles. The creatures that could inhabit the tunnels are: American Shrew Moles, Cicadas, Cicada Nymphs, Thread Snakes, and Earwigs. (Or other some other creatures if not these.)

The tunnel system could have roots that you can harvest to make thick ropes for crafting stuff like Grappling Hooks or other items. You can also find Cicada Shed around the tunnels that you can harvest or hide in from enemies. Around the place you can find mud that you can collecta ND smelt to make mud bricks for building. For a landmark a time capsule could be found underground and can be entered. Also, an underground lab can be found.

For climbing you can be able to climb up structures but need Climbing Gear. You will also have a stamina meter for climbing. You can use a grapple hook for climbing up high structures. A new smoothie could be added for climbing speed or stamina. There can also be more structures found around the yard that is specifically for climbing.

If Worms are added, they could drop worm compost that can be used for making fertilizer for crops. Two new structures (greenhouse and aquatic terruiam.) could be added for growing flora. Spider Mites could be added to be another nuisance by destroying crops and resetting the growth time, but a way to repel them is Spider Mite Repellent. They can also weaken base structures.

All of the creatures I mentioned can give parts to make the following gear: Spider Mite Repellent, Cicada Shed Shield, Noisemakers, Cicada Nymph Daggers, Shrew Fur Armor, (if there is a cold biome added.) Shrew Battle Axe, Shrew Claw Shovel, Worm Fertilizer, Earwig Armor, Earwig Sword,  Snake Scale Armor, Scale Shield, and Crow Lure. (For luring the crow to locations to drop crow feathers on the location you put the lure.)

That's pretty much all I can think of for this topic.

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Geez. Compared to this, my ideas suck. This is all brilliant! ESPECIALLY the grappling hook! I will lose it if the devs decide to implement that. Traversal flexibility is always a huge plus for me. These ideas are seriously awesome.

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