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multiplayer players disconnecting

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I am on pc and host the game most of the time. Every 5 to 10 mins the players on xbox disconnect. I am on pc windows 10 open nat 10th gen comp. we have opened that nat on the router on my end and the xbox player. port forwarding the game on ip4. even after a full restart the player only get about 10 mins before disconnecting I am om pts .13 and it seems the problem is getting worse after the pts update. I seen other post about this but no comment from devs so i am reopening the disconnected post. not a very fun game running around by myself ? 

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Yeah same  thing happened to me while playing. Host is on PC (AMD based build) and I am on Xbox.

It got to the point where I disconnect after just 5 minutes of idle in the game after joining; waiting for the bug to happen.

Everything was fine yesterday, I am guessing some sort of Xbox-platform issue to be the cause.


I am not sure if it has anything to do with this bug, but prior to the timeouts, my client would  desyncronize with host so we would see each other's characters stand different places when we compared our screens. (sitting next to each other). Prioer to that I had issues with being unable to enter mushroom round door (single sided).

We built our base at the pond and the save is from an old version of the game (back when The Pond had undergone its 2nd revision). But to me the pond always seemed like an extra buggy place in the game to establish a base.


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