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In absence of entering the house..

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TLDR: add a mouse/termite hole in the paneling of the house and/or shed.

Now that the shed deck has been fleshed out, the house deck is looking lonely. It could use more love. Adding access to either of those buildings would be a huge undertaking.

That being said, an alternative to adding some home elements into the game could be a hole dug into the wood paneling of the house. Something of a mini biome, not necessarily grand in scope.

In there we might find:

- Scenery such as electrical wires, nails, dry wall chunks, insulation, mouse traps, cheese bits, wall studs and metal brackets, pin holes with unfocused views into the house (maybe at floor level to avoid rendering a whole room). There could be some verticality to this area.

- Insulation fibers (fleshed out later for potential weather/ temperature features or specialized crafting material.

- Cheese Chunks ( akin to backyard food items, potential new food recipes.

- Mouse (probably unkillable like the Koi Fish. Maybe a distraction mechanic in lieu of combat, i.e. encounter diversification.

- New Materials (these could coincide with the upcoming powered bases feature.

- Adds another area for Dust Mites and Splinter chunks.

Expanding on the Mouse:

- Optionally gate keep a portion of this area behind a nesting Mouse.

- Encounter Diversity (as stated earlier, combat would not be how we take it down. Rather it could be lured into a mouse trap to open up this area more. On the other hand it could also act in a similar manner to the Koi Fish that is simply a hazard to sneak around.

I'd love to hear your input on these ideasĀ  cheers!

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