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Suggestion: Acorn Top Pulley system

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Essentially what the title says- once the upper portions of the back yard are more fleshed out and it becomes even more necessary to travel to various parts of the back yard quickly in order to continue having enough of all the resources you need, a pulley operated elevator could be added. Locking an acorn top elevator that's operated via pulley system behind the woodpile chip or some other yet-to-be-added burgl chip to make the upper portions still intimidating and challenging to conquer would be a good way to reward players with a "soft fast travel" that works both ways unlike the ziplines which are 1 way only could be a desireable reward for players, even if it's the very last area of the game that rewards you with them. As it stands now, having my base near the woodpile is great but it's a challenge to return from excursions that would be alleviated only somewhat by a pulley elevator- but enough to actually feel rewarding without subtracting from the absolutely wonderful experience of running through the back yard and dodging bugs.

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