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Hi, english is not my native language so please feel free to correct me.

This is a simple build, everyone know these 2 subclasses very powerful, but i didnt see any build shared except the one with spirit lance. This build uses community patch for improved riposte so make sure you install it before try. It starts powerful level 1 so even if you re new to the game you can enjoy this build. For experienced players i also recommend to go no rest run.


Difficulty: PoTD with upscaled, i also solo the game with this build PoTD with no upscale


Class: Streetfighter-Blood Mage

I didn't like to play streetfighter before because trying to get flank or stay below %50 health was hard to handle, but with blood mage you can manually go below half health and regenerate your spells. And with your buffs you re safe to do so.


Race: Human 

We ll be below %50 health most of the time so + accuracy and damage always nice.



Might: 4

Constitution: 18

Dexterity: 10

Perception: 10

Intelligence: 16

Resolve: 20

We have nice damage bonuses so we don't really need might at all. Constitution is important even we have crazy defences better safe to be sorry. I would like to have more Perception but maxing resolve is better way to go with this build.


Skills: Athletics is nice for emergency healings, rest is up to you.


I'll list the abilities you need to make this build run, rest ip up to you:

Level 1: Crippling Strike, Chill Fog, Spirit shield(early game, dump it when you get Llengraths safeguard) Eldritch Aim(it has low duration early game but it will get better, %50 graze to hit very important)

Level 2: Weapon and shield style, Infuse with vital essence, Arcane Veil

Level 3: Riposte, Bear's fortitude, DAoM, Llengraths displaced image, Ryngrims repulsive image(  this makes riposte kinda useless to be honest, but there are many creautres immune to terrify. Thing is if you don't know, terrified creatures most of the time breaks engagemant and give us free disengage attacks, very powerful spell)

Level 4: Adept evasion, Persistent distraction, Withering strike, Essential Phantom(surprisingly tanky and we dont have much to cast level 4 spell slot)

Level 5: Deep wounds, Tough, Llengraths safeguard, rapid casting

Level 6: Toxic strike(very good for bosses but make sure they dont immune poison and lower their fortitude), Slippery mind(immune to 3 afflication most of the time), 

Level 7: Deathblows, Zandethus Draconic fury(basicly %30 lash, crazy damage buff)


We wil use grimoire eventually so make sure you dont take the speel it already have.


Rest bonus: Shark Soup. With this and slippery mind we ll immune to ALL the afflications which is crazy.



Armor: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Blackened_Plate_Armor

Blackened Plate armor, it looks incredibly cool and -1 armor for enemies stacks with everything. What more you want? Ah and also %50 damage taken from poison attacks is awesome because our kinda lowish fortitude. You dont wanna get hit with druids plague for example. Use the heaviest armor you can get till you have this.

Shield: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Akola's_Apex_Ward It's tricky to get but this is the perfect shield for us. If you don't wanna mess with Huana's this to works too, and they look cooler  :)

https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Cadhu_Scalth since we invent to athletics its deflection bonus get better, also -damage taken better than you think.

https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Bronlar's_Phalanx this is the highest deflection bonus shield in the game. You can use escape to move around especially if you use the heavy shield modal.

Weapons: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Magran's_Favor

We ll use this with battle axe modal, and with our recovery bonuses we ll be still fast. Riposte and terrify disengagement attacks gives us free attacks. Battle axe modal is very good against bosses. You may not wanna use it in easy fights though.

Back up weapons for slash immune foes

https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Stalker's_Patience My favorite weapon in the game, i have a Monk/Cipher build with this weapon which i ll hopefully share.

https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Rust's_Poignard This little bast''' also very good agains bosses.


Helmethttps://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Thaos'_Headdress +5 accuracy and + Intelligence very nice

https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Blackened_Plate_Helm Combine this with the armor for epic coolness


Amulethttps://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Token_of_Faith This game has like no good accessoires sadly.


Belthttps://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/The_Undying_Burden We'll not get hit much but damage reduction is nice and +2 cons is also good.




Boring but what can you do?




Bracerhttps://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Bracers_of_Greater_Deflection you'll get this very late, use whatever you want till get it, maybe +3 accuracy one.


Bootshttps://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Boots_of_the_Stone You ll get this start at the game, and won't find anything better. Seriously we need more items.

Pet: Cutthroat Cosmo for lower recovery


We ll start the fight with buffing, amount of buffs you need is parallel with how hard is the battle. Start with infuse the vital essence for more duration. After buffing use blood sacriface to go below %50 health and go start killing things. With Arcane veil, llengrtahs displaced image and Llengraths safeguard you ll have +70 deflection melee which is perfect for riposte. You can also terrify them and watch your enemies begging for their life at the ground whlie you cut them down. Feel free to experiment things. You can also go with Two handed weapons build if you don't like shield concept. Which is better with terrify disengage strategy since you cant use riposte while doing it. You don't even need to change the abilities and there are cool Two handed weapons like this:







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The stats are way off. You need a decent amount of might and perception to make sure you finish enemies quickly and make sure you actually hit them. Lower your resolve and constitution to buff those two stats.

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Streetfighter has very high dmg bonuses when bloodied. So as long as you deal damage with weapons mostly you don't need MIG. It's even benefical to lower MIG because the Blood Sacrifice will hurt less - which In turn lets you use it more frequently and more safely to not accidentally kill yourself while trying to become bloodied - which is the basis for this build. 

If you use your spells for buffing and CC mostly then high MIG would be wasted points. 

For the same reason (getting to bloodied reliably and safely) raising CON is not a bad idea. 

With low MIG your fortitude drops considerably. Using CON to get more wiggle room with Blood Sacrifice but also to get fortitude up is reasonable. And should you get hit: half of a big health pool is way better than having half of a small one.

This build drops to bloodied in order to achieve Heating Up asap and then stay there without getting harmed. High deflection and short-lived afflictions on yourself are very benefical then. Having high deflection also makes Riposte a lot more useful, and Riposte makes a lot of sense with Bleeding Cuts. 

Raising RES has increasing returns for deflection and also the reduced hostile effect duration is great. Even if you are immune to afflictions: RES even works against durations of Arcane Dampener and other stuff that knows no immunity. Long-lived Arcane Dampener would be really bad for a build that relies on self-buffing so much. Luckily the Will defense is stellar due to high INT and RES - so Arcane Dampener will mostly graze and then get its duration reduced by high RES even more.

10 PER is manageable, especially if you mostly attack with weapons and don't use offensive spells too much but prefer self buffs. Enchanted weapons, party- and self buffs provide more than enough accuracy. Reflex isn't needed that much because large shield + style + modal provides excellent protection against reflex-based spells and all sorts of AoE spells in general.

So, in the scope of this build the attribute allocation makes total sense and isn't way off. 

Besides the general self buffing: at tier 7  I personally would use Wall of Draining + Zandethu's + Citzal's Martial Power (and use Blood Sacrifice to allow that) because WoD would make sure you don't need to recast buffs. And I would use Abraham instead of Cosmo because that way you retain the reduced recovery pent but get a heal on kill (even if it's a bit low bc. of low MIG it can still be good for somebody who needs to use Blood Sacrifice from time to time). And I would use another armor for even more defense buffing instead of Blackened Plate (like Nomad's Brigandine or Gipon Prusensco or so). I would also get a Magnificent Escape Cape as soon as I have access to Wall of Draining because the +50 deflection buff of this special Escape stacks with all Wizard deflection buffs and can be prolonged with WoD, giving you stellar deflection (+50 on top). 

But the attributes I wouldn't change much.


Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thank you Boeroer you explained the builds concept better than me :) Armor yeah Nomad's Brigandine would be better with deflection bonus but personally i don't like to look. I didn't think about the magnificent escape and wall of draining but yeah its very helpful for riposte.

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