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Stem and Grass zipline transport Baskets

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So the table has a lot of stems underneath it but some people build bases quite far away so i think that the addition of some sort of transport using ziplines would be useful and make base building a lot less time consuming. 

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Also, if you're looking to be able to carry everything needed to make a base in your bag (Base-in-a-Box):


  1. Mushroom Brick
  2. Spiky Burr
  3. Lint Rope
  4. Acorn Shell
  5. Acorn Tops


  1. Pebblet
  2. Clay


  1. Sap
  2. Sprig
  3. Dry Grass Chunk


  1. Pebblet
  2. Sprig
  3. Dry Grass Chunk
  4. Acorn Shell
  5. Clover Leaf
  6. Crude Rope
  7. Sap (Optional for Storage Chest ILO Storage Basket)
  8. Bombardier Parts (Optional for Jerky Rack)
  9. Grub Goop (Optional for Smoothie Station)

Really, the only things you'd need planks or stems for are advanced crafting, survival, and navigation structures (All values are in addition to the above mentioned materials):

  1. Dew Collector - Weed Stem x6 + Quartzite Shard x8 + Silk Rope x5
  2. Bed - Weed Stem x4 + Crow Feather Pieces x2
  3. Garden Patch - Weed Stem x6 + Spoiled Meat x1
  4. Sap Catcher - Weed Stem x2
  5. Work Bench - Grass Plank x3
  6. Ladder - Weed Stem x2
  7. Zipline Anchor - Weed Stem x6 + Silk Rope x1
  8. Grass Stairs - Weed Stem x1 + Grass Plank x4
  9. Acorn Spiral Stairs - Weed Stem x1

For a complete, minimal survival shelter in your bag:

  1. Pebblet x10
  2. Clay x4
  3. Mushroom Brick x24
  4. Spiky Burr x8
  5. Lint Rope x4
  6. Acorn Shell x6
  7. Acorn Top x1
  8. Sprig x7
  9. Dry Grass Chunk x6
  10. Clover Leaf x8
  11. Crude Rope x5
  12. Sap x1

This will give you a 1x2 Mushroom Brick-walled shelter and door with Spiky Burr ceiling and Pebblet Foundation. Inside, you'd have a Lean-To, Water Container, Roasting Spit, Storage Basket, and Sap Sconce.

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