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furniture for bragging rights.

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Some people like to gather resources and would like a way to show that off. What if there were acorn pallets that we can use to place globs in. It would work similar to the water container in the fact that once you place a glob in there, it can only contain that type of glob. Just a nice little crate to show off the various globs you have. image.png.5080d4777e755b26523c853f7dca5e08.png

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Great idea! I make a designated chest for all the globs but I like the idea of a pallet/open crate. 

I would really like to see more furniture options in general and/or more cohesiveness. For example, with separate table and chairs, I can’t seem to place them in a way that it looks like a dining area. The chairs can’t be too close to the table so they are placed close but at odd angles. It just looks strange visually.

I know I’ve seen suggestions for furniture options in other threads so it would be nice if there were some pinned threads. 

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