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Unless it's a few species of brooding frogs tadpoles most frogs ignore their young or eat them. But I like your idea of skills of species summons it.

So keep in mind most frogs are gonna be to big.

Would recommend cane toad or bullfrog to fill giant boss. To big to even register your movements. So less of a threat. Frogs do shed their skin so maybe a healing item or slime or maybe even a deadly toxin with toads case 

If you want a frog enemy or friend(rodeo if you ride it) the Little Grass frog is a solid fit. At around 1.25cm or 1/2" it would actually be smaller than the current tadpoles.

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Oh.....the horror! Please....oh, please.....no fat, child-eating, base destroying frog near my lovely lily-pad villa! It's enough I have to share the neighborhood with three nasty mosquitos and listen to the tadpole quartet choir practice (night and day), without a bloated bull-frog landing on my house. Take pity! The pond is a tranquil, lovely resort where I can chill out after a hard day of fighting. Watch the sun set. Down a few smoothies and relax. Though.......come to think about it........a peace-loving 'smallish' new neighbor who eats mosquitos for a living.......now that would be delightful. Welcome to the neighborhood! :) 

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1 hour ago, LadyBugWins said:

The pond is a tranquil, lovely resort where I can chill out after a hard day of fighting.

On most of the Lilly petals you can find a spot to  place a sconce. The effect lighting effect at night is quite nice. (FYI- I have not tried this since the into the wood update. Hopefully it was not patched out.)

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I thought about having a toad boss like the broodmother when I was building my castle around Rash. Would be fitting to have a boss toad with that name. ( this may destroy my base) but imagine the Rash toy being like a shrine and you give it gnat soup or whatever, and out comes a toad with mud to mock the sunglasses. It wont eat you but use its tongue like a wip, has a kick attack and could throw slime to slow you down (and to make the battle even cooler have some of the old music for one of their boss fights from Battletoads if they can that is). Because I think having random frogs or toads hop around near water could like some suggest destroy water type bases as well as wet land bases and if you try to run he pulls you back. Just a way I see having one in without it being world breaking

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