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Blowgun or blowpipe

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A hunting weapon would be interesting and the one I'm thinking of is the blowpipe, since this weapon, despite being prehistoric, could be easily manufactured like the gill tube, only this being a weapon would launch normal darts that do medium damage and it would be essential that Like the arrows, it has darts with different effects, such as a paralyzing dart or darts to sleep, this, far from working to kill, would be more to flee or take advantage of insects and be able to hunt them easier, of course, depending on the size of the insect, it would be the amount of darts to use to kill them, put them to sleep or paralyze them.

Sería interesante un arma de caza y en la que estoy pensando es la cerbatana, ya que esta arma a pesar de ser prehistórica se podría fabricar fácilmente como la branquia, solo que al ser un arma lanzaría dardos normales que hacen daño medio y Sería fundamental que al igual que las flechas, tenga dardos con diferentes efectos, como un dardo paralizante o dardos para dormir, esto lejos de funcionar para matar, sería más para huir o aprovechar insectos y poder cazarlos más fácil. Eso sí, dependiendo del tamaño del insecto, sería la cantidad de dardos a utilizar para matarlo, adormecerlo o paralizarlo.


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While cools not really feasible at the player scale as the bugs skeleton would limit this t only be used on aphids grubs and mites. It would be lower than sprigbow regardless of poison

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