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The Electrical Xeno-Carbon Alloy Laser Burst Rod, or as I like to call it… THE EXCAL.BR, is a III Weapon found either by making it with new science materials that could be added (potentially) or by finding it in a new lab that may be upcoming. This weapon deals medium damage, high stun, low-medium speed as a 2 handed spear (essentially making it a javelin). What it does is that when you hit an enemy with it, it has a chance to electrocute nearby enemies, causing them the get immobilized for a short-medium duration.

Alternatlively, this weapon could also be a longsword or shortsword where instead of stunning it would have high damage, low-medium stun, and medium-high speed, and electrocute enemies, dealing large amounts of damage that chains to nearby enemies, but a javelin seems much cooler to me...

I really hope you guys take this into consideration because it would be so cool to see this in game. Perhaps there will be mod support for this game in the future?

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Alternatively, a flash-bang grenade ("ringing bun"): ant egg (1), chitin powder (2), dry grass (4), honeydew (1). Chitin powder is made on a shredder from parts of various beetles. The grenade has only a stunning effect in the blast radius. Explodes on impact.

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