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A feedback after playing some 100 hours ...

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I have been playing grounded alot.
I play with my australian friend, i am european.
The high ping beacuse we live opposite sides of the world, well could be somewhat better - rubberbanding on staircases arent fun.
Milk molar upgrades should shared in multiplayer games, or we need respawning molars.
I keep having issue with armors in armor stand, everytime i reload ( start game ) the armors are at 50 % durability.
Other than that i really like the game, keep up the good work.
Looking forward for coming updates ...

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I haven't played that much, but... it seems to me like the milk molars ARE shared. When you loot one, all the players get a point to spend.
(The mega ones are spent for all, while you all get to spend your points individually for the regular ones.)

I do not know however how it acts if a player is offline while one is looted.

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