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Empty daily notes


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in my vault, the daily notes for each unmarried day display up - even days in which i failed to take a single notice. i grow to be with masses of empty documents. because i do not use this capability each day, it is a pain in the arse to undergo they all to discover the non-empty ones. is there a manner to robotically delete those empty notes? or to now not create them when there are empty?

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Hi, I'm pretty sure that you have the wrong Obsidian. This is the game developer website. What you are referring to seems like it may be the knowledge base software developer.

You are more likely to find answers for your questions in their forum: https://forum.obsidian.md/

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I'm not sure why, but it first happened about a month ago, that someone came knocking, thinking it was different Obsidian... Maybe Google search is just suggesting something that matches the search criteria?


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