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Ideas for new insects (like praying mantis)

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Perhaps it is planned already, but when I installed grounded I imagined the ultimate boss would have to be a Praying Mantis. We all know that kung Fu assassin bug is a psycho.

Another scary bug would be a giant centipede, or a scorpion.

But other ideas I had is to have more "friendly" bugs, that you can ride, pet, "milk" or "shear" to grab some valuable resource. Perhaps get pollen from bees.

The ****roach actually produces a sort of "milk" that scientists have even considered it could be food for humans. It may not be a friendly insect, but it would be fun to smash ****roaches between giant piles of thrash and gather some kind of edible (I know, disgusting).

How about mounts? The horned beetle seemed interesting to me, if you can have them as a mount and tackle on larger foes with its help. Butterflies for flying mounts? Perhaps that would be dreaming too much... 



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