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Just a few random game ideas I would love to see.

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Clippers to get fuzz from bugs without killing them.

Centipedes and/or caterpillars

Crickets and craftable insect instruments

Moths around the yard lights at night.

Fuzzy jumping spiders.

A vegetable garden (with garden spider boss)

Dragonflies buzzing around the pond. Their larvae underwater would add a new threat while swimming around.


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Love the idea of crickets and music (altho', they would be really scary in size!)

I think moths may have already been mentioned as an add-on eventually.

In addition to a veggie garden for getting food, it would be nice to be able to plant veggies & even flowers for your base balconies or yards. Not sure how they could be sized properly, since the flowers in the world are so huge. Maybe something similar to the small mushroom sprouts that grow around the big mushrooms?

Would LOVE dragonflies, but I don't think I could ever kill them. (I don't kill aphids, except accidentally - I turn down the quest to kill 10 whenever it pops up)

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I was thinking maybe some trap door spiders put around the map which could also be a place you could find items and things the spider has taken like ant eggs and other things and when you leave after killing it and looting it's home the door locks and after some time it respawns and opens back.... a somewhat semi- boss if you have multiple ones and multiple respawns or just make it something like the broodmother

Also since it will be underground maybe being able to make some kind of glow sticks you can throw to light up dark areas would be a good idea

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Concidering crickets are meat eaters. Yes the cannibalize each other if protein is not available and mole crickets often eat other insects eggs. You might want to avoid the chirps. Now just imagine if they added a weta that eats carrots like a rabbit



If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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