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Endre's Flog - Relentless Terror

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I'm trying to find the conditional in the Endre's flog files for the Penetration bonus on Relentless Terror. I can't seem to find it - there is a file that just applies 2 penetration but there's no conditional. Is it just applying the +2 regardless or target afflictions?

I think it should be HasAfflictionOfType

I wanted to change the type from Mind to Resolve so that the Flog synergises with itself. 



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Under AttackTargetFilter for the Relentless Torture statuseffect you'll see keyword ID 4cb9e779-269f-42e3-8855-feabb837d50c. Having that keyword in the attacktargetfilter means the statuseffect will only be applied when attacking targets who have statuseffects attached to them with that keyword; that particular ID means "mind affliction". The ID for resolve afflictions is: 1aa8802e-b5cf-4ac2-bd6a-dd619cde4e65. There are more keywords in the gui.gamedatabundle (I think) just search for KeywordGameData

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