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I have an idea for a update that could be cool

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The idea I have is a ladybug sadde

The saddle would have a early game and late game version (devs can chose if it will only be late game) but the saddle would make it so you could control the ladybug as a mode of transportation, the ladybug would flee from spiders and attack bugs with the player and the saddle would have an option to "place down rope" that would put the rope on a stick out into the ground and the lady bug would stay in one place. In multiplayer players on the passenger seats on the late game saddle would be able to use bows and crossbows to attack bugs. The lady bug would also scare off small bugs other than ants which will act passive around them.

I also would like to say that the saddle should have a rod with food hanging off it infront of the mouth of the ladybug.

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Not a bad idea. I said something similar in my Ants! post.


Ants are the perfect pet. You could attach a storage chest or saddle and go on out. And maybe if it's loyalty is high enough you could use a voice emote for it to fetch arrows or weapons your thrown

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Since day one my primary desire has always been to ride a ladybug. I would love to be able to fight from its back, like the bug version of a war elephant, but if I could only  use it for Oregon trail like purposes I’d be more than happy. I just want to tame, train, ride, and care for my own ladybug. 
and ideally fight from its back.

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