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Feathers and fireflies

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There are indeed two locations where fireflies spawn but since those locations are along the edges of the map I guess people barely go there at night since under the sprinkler near the beehive there's a load of mosquitoes and 2 wolf spider scouting the region, and almost the same thing applies for the sprinkler near the bird bath location... As for the feathers, they can be indeed pretty rare it is important to note that they get moved by the wind which means they can be dropped form a certain distance of where the bird landed and I'm not sure but I also think they may get stuck on the grass where grass density is higher so yeah they may be a bit harder to find.

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I am seeing more feathers the past couple of days. Went from finding only 1 feather after weeks of "in-game" time (while actively following the crow to see if any were dropped) to finding 5 in just 2 "days" while playing over this weekend. Have also noticed more fireflies, esp. on the far side of the Koi Pond, between the flower garden and the dandelions.


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