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[PC, GoG] Bug with TTD and Shrink Ray [EDIT: Solved]

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Hello everyone,

I have encountered some bugs which happened after choosing several perks, mostly TTD related (I was saving them up and selected 5 simultaneously).

The bugs are:

1. The TTD duration seems to have been decreased significantly. It seems that each shot fired decreases a noticeably larger TTD ammount than before. (I suspect that the TTD related perks are responsible)

On second thought, it may be that the TTD is working as intended. I observed a difference before and after the perk upgrade and I may have misinterpreted the change as a bug. I have been playing further and the TTD works fine now. (Either the TTD functionality got restored or it was an erroneous perception on my part).

2 The shrink ray gun lo longer shows the energy projectiles. I hear a sound when firing but I see nothing. However, when I point to an enemy then I see the energy projectile but it doesn't seem to affect the target.

(I don't know how both bugs are related but they have occured at the same time)

I have acquired the Mind Control Ray and it has the same issue; I don't see a projectile. HOWEVER, when I shoot at a target THEN I can see the projectile. It seems that these Science weapons *are* operational and usable. I don't know whether this is the intended behaviour, which I doubt, but I swear that I saw projectiles when firing the Shrink Ray without hitting a target. 


Loading a previous save prior to selecting the new perks did not solve the issue, neither did restarting the game.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the problem still persists.


Has anyone seen this problem before and/or knows how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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Issue solved
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