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Help me figure out roleplaying a freed slave Cipher with low Resolve D:

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how a Cipher would work with low Resolve.

The minmaxer in me wants to dump it, but the rper has a big aversion against it.

Like even ignoring my background as a slave (who would need resolve to mentally survive), then comes the Cipher ability.
reading all those minds around you when like 10% of those are benevolent towards you would drive one insane not having a... 'sturdy' mind.


And even ignoring all that, you are a leader-role. A leader without irl resolve sucks ass.


I really struggel with this and just for that reaosn I consider going Paladin or Chanter after all xD

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Why not go with a shield and some defensive capabilities (weapon and shield style, Psychovampiric Shield, Borrowed Instincts and such) and lean into it by maxing Resolve? Increasing returns and all. 

You won't be the cipher with the best focus generation but you might be the one who doesn't go down. ;)

With a small shield your casting accuracy wouldn't even suffer.


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Or they could be actually having problems staying sane.  They could even be turning to Animancers to try to find help with that.  Or turning to a deity.  Or even turning to some of the substances like snow cap for peering through to higher planes or white leaf for a calming effect.  Or save the idea for a future play through.

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I, literally, just finished this exact playthrough. Low res wasn't an issue for me. I used Tidefall and Tall Grass along with Sanguine plate and boots of speed. The other accessories are just up to taste, I suppose, but yeah. I have a base res of 4, and a base con of 9. She got knocked out sometimes, but if you watch her and keep Durance firing Iconic Projection... she's just fine. Focus generation was INSANE, and liberal use of mental binding, silent scream, and amplified wave complemented Aloth's monstrous CC pretty well. I did run Kana and Pallegina as tanks, as well. She can hide behind them and dish out long lasting prones with Tall Grass. 

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