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Mosquitoes attack less frequently

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Yes.....please, please, please change the agro and chase distance for the mosquitos. I've had one mosquito chase me across the backyard from the grill all the way to the rose bush. And the damage it did to the door and window of the house where I finally took refuge.......not even a wolf spider would have been that persistent or aggressive. Agro three together! There's no escape! I think I'd rather face down the brood mother! :) 

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Haha I have to test this out again to see if it is new to all or if this one was just a special one.  Was just minding my own business passing through and the music started. Figured I would outrun whatever it was and just continue on my way.   Well music continued and I finally looked back and a bombardier was on a high speed chase up and over the little hills of dirt.   I have never seen one move that fast..   it was amusing and terrifying at the same time 😂 

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