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Ants are probably the cutest dang guys in all the backyard. With their little chitters and coos, they can be annoying sure; Always trying to yoink your food off the spit but look at that cute pupper face!

No what's my point you ask? Was I just here to make a statement of ants? I mean kinda BUUUUT.....

I would like to say Ants will be the ultimate pets. Hear me out! Mules. Ants could possibly carry a storage container for extra backpack space! Or even be exceptional fighters that only attack when you are hit.

They also could be built with a fetch command. And devs if you read that and thought "sure want the kitchen sink too?" I understand but I think I can give an idea. Voice commands. Like we already have for "Look over here!" When a tool is thrown and only when a voice command is given the ant will retrieve. 


Now such an ultimate pet must surely have a big set back. Yeah getting it. You think a few measly scraps will make a worker ant leave it's colony? No. I say add one more resource (rare drop) from worker ants (higher chance with soldier). Pheromone sack. Take 10 for a bundle of 3. Only works on worker ants.



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