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For Xbox in particular ofc weve always lacked any mod support but I think that grounded could jump on board with what space engineers has done and that's use Mod.Io

Mods in grounded would be amazing and they can even do what Skyrim did. Use mods? Okay no achievements. Dude, I'm totally okay with that.


Mods also allow for a game to stay in the lime light while devs take time working on QUALITY content. And let's be honest, the bigger Grounded gets, the more trolls will take notice. 

As grounded grows it's only going to take more time to produce Q.O.L and progression of story; and that's okay! I'm not here to bash the devs I'm just stating the fact that they are human and deserve time to focus.

Putting power in the hands of talented players can come in handy! Like my previous post "Bosses!!" I mentioned that bosses could hold some serious sway in our building by introducing new architecture, weapons, and maybe even play styles!

Mods would allow us to expand on all of that. Heck even give us character customization or all new models all together. Grounded has the means to stand toe to toe with Minecraft in it's world personalization.

What do you guys think? Would you put mods on if it means you could roleplay as insects? Or create a wooden water jetpack? What about a belt fed thistle LMG?

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