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With the brood mother skittering her way in, my team and I talked about bosses. We think some great radiant boss types to implement would be

A queen bee/s

A frog


And finally a snake

Now bees we can totally see coming and a frogs KIND OF SPECULATION but tadpoles... So...

But a squirrel... Now that's a different ball field. I think that a squirrel should show up one day every 10- 15 days after you reach 35 days. It won't be a boss that is sequential but could be worth the hunt for it's hide and bones! Imagine a squirrel tooth bone hammer! Or fur armor!

Now a snake is truly a terrifying thing to think of being in grounded and they would have to probably add a ophidiophobia mode too; HOWEVER the shed would be a perfect place for a snake. It's scales could make amazing structure and armor making it the first item to be used in house building and tools.

A venom one handed long sword you could style like a katana. Perhaps true shogun armor. Have the building style be Edo era Japan. whilst the Squirrel and it's bones are Norse.

If these don't make it in I PRAY Obsidian pulls a Mojang and open sources the game to allow modded worlds.


But I'll make another post about that. Let me know what you guys think

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