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Stuck in Character Creation Loop: Cipher with high mental stats, how to work it out.

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Discovering that Cipher (GM) really kicks off at level 7 for some reason, well, sucks. Especially because I already start to feel GM is getting a bit obnoxious...

The biggest problem making a Cipher PC is the stat distribution.

The Res dialogue choices strike my fancy just as much as Int/Per, so I would love to make that work on a Cipher (and then as a Seer in POE2).

But I am wondering as to how low I can make my base Resolve and still meet the 20 Res checks there supposedly are in the game.

I can get 6 points according to my 'research'. 3 from the CCCap and 3 from Brighthollow resting bonus. I sadly am no Priest/Druid/Wizard, so no Gyrd Háewanes Sténes for me. 

That would set my base Res to 14.

Now, I believe that that could work out nicely for a melee Cipher actually, but I am a bit wary about that, as my early game experience tells me that melee Ciphers are challenging (not so sure about upwards of level 7 though).

My stat spreads so far would look like this:

M14 C08 D11 P15 I16 R14 (17/10/14/18/18/20 after equipment - CCCap and RDCBelt - and resting)


M12 C08 D13 P15 I16 R14 (15/10/16/18/18/20 after equipment and resting)

Leaning more towards the first one, as the damage buff seems pretty neat on a Cipher... On the other hand, Firebrand can generate a ton of Focus :)

The problem with food, and why I haven't calculated that into the whole thing, is that I don't like reloading every time I see a res check I cannot meet, so, yeah... Also, Dragon Egg/Meat Dish is expensive as feck.

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You can get +4 Res from Siegebreaker Gauntlets, Bleak Oath task, though that's late game item. But high Res checks are also late game stuff. Earlier on, aside from food, and in addition to Brighthollow resting bonus there is also +2 from Ondra's Gift/ Salty Mast/ Big Durmsey 1/rest which stacks with resting bonus.



And BTW, if I remember correct, you only 'need' Res 20 for two checks (Sacrificial Bloodlines and The Phylactery's Promise), both of which can be talked down 'other' way around (also peacefull). In all other encounters Res 17 should be enough.

Personally, I build my Hearth Orlan Cipher>Lifegiver/Ascendant something like this: 10/06/16/20/18/08 and he mostly smoothsailing on Upscaled/PoTD/Expert/No Berath blessings mode while be able to talk down everyone he might want to.

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