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Looking forward to next gen, UE5 crazy spacescapes!

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The title is pretty much it. Would love to see going crazy with spacescapes and etc. Model the planets and moons and rings around a planet with actual geometry, have them spin around correctly, the skybox capture should make them show up in lighting/reflections! Forget the Star Wars "Establishing shot of the planet/wipe to landing on the planet" thing. Model the entire planet at low detail and use the atmosphere aerial perspective tools to have the entire landing sequence, from space to pad, in game, in first person view on the ship and fully controllable. Heck you could throw in a water refraction material on the ships front facing glass when passing through clouds, see condensation!

Point is, would love to see the tools just put to use in a way that's absolutely nuts. Take the ambition Outer Worlds 1 had for crazy spacescapes and make it sing. I'd assume there's a much bigger budget (MS money) and combined with next gen consoles and UE5, heck put it to use for trippy space dreams.

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Meh, unless OW2 will be a space sim (which is not impossible, but I greatly doubt it) all of it would be more or less waste of time. And if I want beautiful looking "immersive" space sim with nothing fun to do, I will reinstal and play Elite. 

There is still so much to expand upon within OW2 gameplay loop to bring it at least close to something like New Vegas, that spending money and time on stuff like that would be wasteful. 

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I'm adverse to pouring more and more money into lots of details that is possible like never before with UE5, but I'm definitely a big fan of a lot of the stuff in UE5. Nanite solves a big part of the LOD problem (for opaque rigid geometry anyways), TSR looks like it takes really good care of aliasing and upscaling, virtual shadow mapping looks like it takes care of most of the shadow problems too with aliasing and LOD, etc. Plus Lumen's dynamic lighting instead of baking lighting for different times of day should be good for production, not just the players.

So UE5's freebies are nice, but beyond that I'm skeptical... Also Quixel and Meta Human probably won't benefit TOW much unless they change their art style (unless I'm mistaken and Quixel or Meta Human have more than just realistic materials and models)

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