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I was thinking it might be fun to add the companion/sidekick personalities to the player-made character options.


  • Would I be right in thinking that personalities are just handled by a single guid? 
            "$type""Game.GameData.PersonalityGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
in the characters.GameDataBundle?

I can't find these in the other GameData files.


  • would I be correct in assuming it would take a change to the assembly C dll ?
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That is correct, though the number after "Value":  seems to be what actually correspond to the specific personality data somewhere else. The only thing stopping a personality from being selectable for characters is the "AvailableInCharacterCreation": being set to "True".

Though the main issue with using companion personalities seems to be that most have what are called "props" (things like Eder's pipe, Aloth's Grimoire, and Xoti's Lantern) that go with their idle animations. Without these the character will only mime holding a prop object during their idle animations.

There is a bit more information on this in the thread below. But the long and the short of it seems to be that it's only possible to give a prop to a brand new character, and each character can only have one prop at a time.


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