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I recently ran across a bug and I've looked all over the Internet and people say that there is no fix for this bug peril Gorgon electric swing the problem here is many users can't seem to turn in the quest after getting all the phonographs they can't turn it into the robot and they can't turn it into the guy in the bar yet a  fix was claimed to have been in the works but even after a year or two the fix has still not been released please make a work around.


This  is a game breaking bug I understand your team is very busy dealing with all whole bunch of nonsense and just the craziness of the world right now but when you promised to do something you need to follow through please this bug it's not okay.

I have been enjoying the game up to this point same with many users a lot of people have been running across this bug for the past  year-and-a-half now with no work around being given.

I understand PC can simply type in console commands and get around this however many of us on Console do not have that luxury which I find rather stupid.

But back to the topic at hand this is game breaking and needs to be fixed ASAP.





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Hey Shebia! I'm sorry that you've run into this bug and that it has affected your playthrough. I'll be forwarding this information to the development team for investigation. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this bug has caused. 

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