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[SUGGESTION] Enhancing the way arrows are utilized from inventory

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I am suggesting that when a player has multiple types of arrows in their inventory and they deplete one type during combat, another type of arrow is automatically equipped without having to manually select the new type. As for example: If I have 5 crow feather arrows and 16 basic arrows, I could equip the crow feather arrows first and enter combat. Once those 5 arrows are depleted I should be able to automatically continuing firing the remaining basic arrows. As the game currently stands, if I run out of one type of arrow, my bow is useless until manually selecting a new arrow type to fire, which is difficult/impossible to do during combat. 

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I Absolutely agree. Some situations can intensify unexpectedly and you may need every arrow in your pack to survive. Running out in the middle of the

battle and having to switch......well, there must be a better way.  The wheel meu is helpful. And I am glad they included that option. But going from normal thorn arrows to feathered automatically would be helpful. Or if you have selected feathered first, then auto equip thorn arrows when the other has been depleted. Perhaps choosing only the specialty arrows manually.  Just a thought. :) 


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