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*edit : playing with community patch and another mod which nerf the streetfighter/blunderbuss relation ship



I finished a playthrough with a SC Arcane archer and it was a very fun class. Planning to add one in my next run but was wondering what multiclass to pair it with.

So far the pro/con i see

  1. Arcane archer / bleakwalker :
  • Pro : awesome 1v1 with sworn rival / flame of devotion (accuracy + damage). Another heal/revive for pet or teammate. Spearcaster/Dragon dowi for the win.
  • Con : sturdiness is good but not that needed cause at range. Lack Aoe when compared to other multi.


  1. Arcane archer / hellwalker :
  • Pro : double lash (elec+fire), speed/might/pen bonus, huge int/might for bonus aoe/damage, binding web + pull of eora + stunning surge with aoe weapon for the ultimate death trap (hand mortar/frostseeker for the win), long fist is a good back up weapon for pierce immune.
  • Con : squishy (not so bad at range), not much to do (pop buff, 2 aoe and AA until the screen is empty), will probably feel boring in the end.


  1. Arcane archer / blackjacket :
  • Pro : avenging storm -> pull of eora -> charge -> clear out with handmortar+melee for the lol. Quick weapon switch for multi purpose (handmortar for aoe / spearcaster for boss / Redhand for double tap vessel).
  • Con : most abilitie/talent are melee design. 


  1. Arcane archer / bloodmage :
  • Pro : RP fit, good self buffs, very versatile gameplay, access to even more cc (hello blind, petrify...), combusting wound with hand mortar + avenging storm is dumb. Essential phantom for more lol.
  • Con : casting take time (slower paced), less attack abilities than others multi.


  1. Arcane archer / berseker (or fury shaper):
  • Pro : Crit machine. Barbaric smash for easy repeatable deathblow. Blood storm -> Leap -> barbaric smash with aoe mortar under avenging storm should be fun (but probably not as effective as the fighter clear out). Neverendig fury with blood storm.
  • Con : most of the best barbarian passive don't work as well with firearm (reload animation), class mostly tailored for melee weapon.


  1. Arcane archer / assassin or trickster (no street fighter cause one mod nerf blunderbuss active -> no more auto flank)
  • Pro : lot of Dot/debuff, versatile gameplay. good mobility. Sneak attack bonus easy to trigger.
  • Con : lack aoe burst damage (except assassin with kitchen stove...). No speed/might bonus


  1. Arcane archer / chanter
  • Pro : chant for reload+fire lash. Very versatile : access to summons and some nice CC (charmed/paralyze) and debuff. Can heal/revive teammate/pet.
  • Con : casting take time (slower paced), less attack abilities than others multi. Most pro can be given by another chanter...

If you had to choose , which multi would you pick  :)



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Helwalker easily for me. With Fire in the Hole + Hand Mortar.

Imbue:Web + Imbue:Eora, then Stunning Surge. Multiple projectile jumps will trigger imbue effects multiple (3) times, Helwalker MIG adds damage to all attacks, Helwalker INT raises durations of Web and Pull of Eora as well as Stunning Surge. Mortification refund is extremely likely due to multihits. Thunderous Blows gives +2PEN. 

Arcane Archer/Barb is fun with Watershaper's Focus. Two jumps (3 AoEs) make triggering Ondra's Wrath an easy task - especially if you pulled and CC'd the enemies before with Imbue:Web and Imbue:Eora. Frenzy + Bloodlust (+ Frenzy Ward) counter the sluggish recovery - and once Blood Thirst kicks in the recovery is no issue anymore. Blood Storm makes it easy to uphold Frenzy all the time. Berserker is good because rods and their Blast have pretty pathetic PEN. Self damage can be countered with Stalwart Defiance. Bloody Slaughter is a nice ability if you use Barbaric Smash as finisher. 

Arcane Archer/Troubadour is also nice because Sure Handed Ila has this little quirk with reloading weapons where both the -20% recovery bonus as well as the -20% reload bonus will get applied. In combination with Gunner and dual wielding + Two Handed Style you'll achieve very fast reload times.

Would still pick the Helwalker though. The whole package is just too good.

Speaking of multiple instances of Web/Eora: If you give your tank resistance to DEX afflictions (Wood Elf or several items or food) or even immunity to DEX afflictions (Form of the Delemgan, Sandals of the Water Lilly) as well as immunity to push/pull effects (Upright Captain's Belt or Horns of the Aurochs) he/she can walk the CC field of death totally unscathed. If it's a Forbidden Fist I would only use a resistance to DEX afflictions (no immunity) because the three instances of Web will apply a ton of hobbles all the time which can get shrugged off with Clarity of Agony/high RES etc. in no time, giving the FF a constant stream of wounds and healing while he wades between the CC'd enemies. It's nice to use an unstealthed tank while the rest of the party is still hidden to gather the enemies around him first. This makes hitting them all with web & eora a lot easier.   

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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49 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

Helwalker easily for me. With Fire in the Hole + Hand Mortar.

Yeah, i feel this had practically no downside (maybe slow wound generation?) and so much for it. A bit afraid it will feel boring in late cause too overpowered :(.

Do you know if you can chain flagellanth path with dual ranged weapon ? Could change a bif from chain stunning surge 😄

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Flagellant's Path can be used with dual ranged weapons. It will fire both once you arrive at the target but will not play the reload animation afterwards but use its own recovery (because FP's recovery "overrides" the recovery or reload of the weapons it's used with - same as Whispers of the Wind, Heart of Fury or Whirling Strikes do).

Thus it's a cool ability for a gun user. Just a bit expensive. You can use Xoti's Lantern to get back Mortification if enemies are about to die (it doesn't matter how you kill them). So when firing an imbue:Fireball for example you can do that with Fire in the Hole + Lantern (it's a primary attack anyway), get back some Mortification (and wounds, too) and then switch back to the dual mortar setup for some more Flagellant's Path. 

Wound generation isn't a problem imo because Enduring Dance is giving you +1 every 3 secs - and you should mainly use Stunning Surge (or Flagellant's Path now) which don't cost wounds. I used wounds for Thunderous Blows mostly. And summons sometimes (another great plus: two summons + animal companion). The other wound-based attacks don't work with ranged weapons anyway. 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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