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Multiplayer issues and bugs

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Started playing again today and already started experiencing issues. One issue is visual related. When food spoils on the roasting split, it will disappear, but still register on the split, not allowing us too cook more food. Need to destroy and remake it, or get the food before it spoils. Multiplayer issue is whoever joins the host randomly disconnects with no error message or anything. Loading a game, the hotspot items reset to default (Weapons, food, light, healing). Drinking nasty water sometimes depletes the food completely instead of partially. Happens quite a bit. Non host player in a multiplayer game. Killing a grub, it will fall apart into items shortly after death, or when harvest by non-host player, it will fall apart without going into inventory. More things could be affected by the grub related one, but haven't thoroughly tested it. Make be the same for acorns. These are the bugs we encountered so far in grounded, only 5hrs into new playthrough. Don't know if this is the spot, to list bugs and issues, couldn't find people talking about these related issues either.

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I play single play and also notice the grub exploding.  You have to click to collect it immediately after it dies. I noticed when I wait or take too long,  that is when it goes everywhere.  

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