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Hi guys, I’d like to know what’s the point in use a melee and a ranged weapon in the same slot (sword and pistol for example)

I am planning to build a Magran priest, and don’t know what advantage I can get from his spirit weapon

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  • freddfranca changed the title to Noob question - melee and ranged weapon

There are two reasons to use a melee and a ranged weapon at the same time:

  • you don't have to switch weapons to alternate between melee and ranged
  • you don't alternate between weapons like a normal dual wielder (a good thing if you have weapons with buff/debuffs/procs on hit or if you don't have weapons of equal strength to use)

The disadvantage is (most) full attacks won't use both weapons.

Once the spiritual weapons reach 30% lash there are very few weapons able to match their dps.

PS. Of course the ultimate combo is a human priest/streetfighter under BDD.

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