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Mosquitos Aggro to easily.

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Mosquitos should not aggro when there is a big weed stem wall built between me and them. Their aggro trigger needs a few more adjustments in my opinion. You don't even have to be close for them to target you.

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I agree wholeheartedly......Mosquitos will target you through solid walls,  destroy anything that stands between you and them, and chase you across half the yard before turning back. They also attack in packs of three, if you are not careful.  Way too overpowered, in my opinion. Especially if you are playing on mild/single player mode.  Some players love the near-death-experience, the challenge and thrill of battle.  Don't want to spoil their fun. Glad they have that option.  But it would be nice for a more thoughtful, balanced approach to the game when playing on Mild.  Or better yet,  implement other options like stealth mode, flytraps, decoys, and...........(Oh, please!)..........BUG SPRAY!   

-Lure traps are nice, but how about a keep-out-of-my-base deterrent trap made of mint,  lavender or lemon grass....all natural mosquito repellent. Even ants will turn away from these plants. Maybe some lotion to apply to your character. Use nature to balance nature. 

-Rebalance the chase distance as well as the aggro trigger. That would be very nice. 

- Return us to the "I'm safe behind solid walls" part of the game as well.  I've watched two spiders spawn in, one on each side of a fenced wall, only to blink and they were suddenly both on the same side instead. The Fenced wall was useless.  Glitches happen. Some are even humorous. Some can even work in a player's benefit.  I've a wolf spider trapped in a rock. As far as I'm concerned, he can just stay there till the end of time. Not gonna debug him outa the rock. No sir, no way. Last time he was free, he waltzed right up to my front door and rang the doorbell.... (aphid under the stairs)  :) 

Anyway, just a few suggestions. Love the game. Still having fun. :) 

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