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Hi grounded community

I am not sure if I have posted this in the right section. If not please move it.

I am new to this forum and I have played Grounded for a couple of weeks and love it!! It's a great idea for a survival game and I love running around in the yard, exploring, building, and running screaming around when I see a wolf spider! 😱 🙂

Just recently I ventured to the part of the map with the haze and the game told me that I had discovered the Haze lab, but I didn't see any lab or entrance to a lab. I can also see on my map the marker for the Haze lab, but I just can't see it when I am at that spot. Maybe I didn't looking close enough. Is there a Haze lab in the game and can you explore it or is it just something for a future update? I have tried to google it but only found older posts with older versions. I am running the latest version 0.9...


Thanks for a great game and experience


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