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And I honestly have no idea what to do with her. Not even sure why I did it. It was one of those ideas that seemed brilliant at the time, but once I finished character creation, I had no idea what to do with what I've made. 

I know a lot about beguilers. Played many ciphers. Played a few monks. Played a few monk / ciphers, and I know they can work well together. But a beguiler / forbidden fist? Not sure what I was thinking. Well, actually, I was thinking that being enfeebled might make it easier to land blinding strike. I've never actually played a forbidden fist for any length of time. When I first tried one, it was back when they were bugged out. I don't remember the specifics. 

For stats, I went 11, 11, 15, 15, 15, 11. Which sorta works. With the right items, most of those will be boosted. 

What have I done to myself? 

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Puppet Master + Forbidden Fist attack + Lingering Echoes + 10 INT-> very long lasting minions for pretty cheap. 

Also works with Forbidden Fist + Whisper of Treason of course. Only that you have to do it the other way round and that you can't reapply FF because alignment will flip back. So Puppet Master is better imo.

It's a bit work but you can switch a lot of enemies in a rel short time. 

In between cast some Phantom Foes stuff to gain some focus. At the start I like Secret Horrors, too.  

With Instruments of Pain you can do it from rel. safe distance, too. 

Add Dichotomous Soul on top for even more minions. 

Call it "the Forbidden Fisper". ;) Or the "Banned Hand Puppeteer".

Edit: now imagine those puppets where you put your hand through their... you get the picture... : 😂

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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