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Hi guys...

I know the Chanter is a very slow class but... I find the Troubadour veeeeeery slow on Turn-mode.

Everything is more expensive and if I have brisk on I only get 2 phases / turn it means I need 2-3 turns to cast something. In other words, I cannot get it off to get 2 chants at the same time.. otherwise, I will never cast anything..

I understand Troubadour is a really nice sub-class on RTWP because you can turn on/off in the middle of the battle and you don't really miss the benefit of 2 chants at the same time.. because you don't need to wait for turns..just seconds.

I am thinking to swap my Troubadour to Skada in order to have cheaper spells and the chance to get 2 chants running all time (almost all time) 

Am I doing something wrong with my Troubadour on turn-mode? :S

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