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The Outer Worlds Two Tone and Feel - What do you all think?

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I was reading a post on here this one to be exact. 

This got me thinking. The Outer Worlds Two is going to be a more refined version of the first game so it probably won't have the exact same tone. So I was thinking how could they improve on the already great game that they have. I would like to hear your guys opinions as well but I was thinking if they went with a We Happy Few mashed with Fallout New Vegas feel it could really work. The cooperate guards could really care if you are a "freelancer" and if you didn't have an actual job. There could be jobs you participate in game to earn a few bits as well. There could also be certain stipulations in certain situations where they expect you to be pumped full of Adrena-Time for example because you are a loyal worker. Also there is the idea that if you are caught colluding with other companies you could be considered a cooperate spy. Anyway that's my two cents.

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I would personally prefer a little darker tone.   the things that are happening are dark but the feel isn't.  That's just a personal preference.  I doubt it will change much.   I still really enjoy it.


Two really depends on if they expand halcyon or tell a whole new story.    I think it would be interesting to explore a galaxy that went in a different direction.  One where the board holds less control.


I also think war makes a good setting.  So maybe separate holding companies warring with each other.  It would also be interesting if one of these colonies set up somewhere with humanoid natives.


There were many ships that were sent out to colonize so the possibilities are endless.  Maybe there is a very successful holding company that is looking to expand.


I'm interested to see what direction they go

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