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Hello everyone again!

I am working on a healer/support build as a single class Chanter (Troubadour) I know it is not the most optimal option a healer vs Druids or Paladins or even multi class, but for now I would like to give a try a single class and I love challenges and off meta builds.

[Turn based]


>> Human: 19/9/3/16/18/12 


>> Image attached below.(28 points as a single class) 


>> Sasha's Singing Scimitar + Ench: Refreshing Finale 

>> Lethandria's Devotion + Ench: Sheltering Light


>> No idea, I am open to suggestions.

1) Did I miss something?

2) Any suggestion or feedback?

3) In which scenario is better to have Brisk Recitation on? I know if I turn it on I can get phases faster but I lose the chance to have 2 phases running at the same time.  Again I am not sure when I should keep it on, in which scenario? I guess if I  really need some phases back and I don't have time to wait for two turns it should be on, but again I am not sure, any light here?

4) I was thinking maybe for this build is better option Skald over Troubadour.. but agian, what do you think?


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His Heart did fill is a bit mehish in my experience compared to the usual Cipher's Ancestor's Memory. Skipping the Dragon AND the upgraded Ancient Weapons (and all summons !) as a SC Troubadour feels like a sin. Also missing Eld Nary. Sip of the Marrow is also bugged : the secondary damages cones are launched from the caster instead of the exploding body ; and since they are shorter than the main one, you won't affect many targets ; the healing AoE from the upgrade works fine though.

One thing to understand about Single Classes is that, apart Monk/Priest/Wiz/Druid, the natural advantage of SC compared to Multi is narrow. Which means you have to rely on specific abilities to make it work. Even if you want to focus on healing, I wouldn't skip Eld Nary and both Tier IX Summon.

Secondary problem is that Chanters are really meh as main healers. Two fingers isn't very convenient to use and the Chants won't be enough. Mercy and Kindness is super great... especially with other healer in the party.

All in all, I'm not convinced at all that the build can hold the role you want (unless you rely on scrolls + Mercy and Kindness). That said, SC Troubadour has good feats and is easily the most versatile of chanter subclasses, so I would agree it worths playing (over SC Skald which only purpose would be to spam Eld Nary).

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