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About 7 days into new game.  I needed 1 more fang to craft an insect bow.    Almost got one wolf spider and ran out of arrows. Then everyone decided to join the party flinging my arrows everywhere.   Over 40 arrows and I was able to collect 15 of them.  Could not find the rest by the time one of them killed me.   This time going in with 80 arrows and my little sprig bow, also making sure the two are sleeping under the tree.  I have never seen 3 wolf spiders together and I have almost 300 days in on my first game. 


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I had a similar experience yesterday. 

Returned to my home base close to the oak tree and discovered 1 wolf spider near my base and 2 close towards the oak tree. I have also only seen them one at a time but this one time there were 3!! It took some time to kill them all...

Is this some kind of a bug? I was wondering if it happened because I tried the "Fix creature locations" option...

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