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Druid (Lifegiver) or Paladin (Kind Wayfarers) as a main healer?

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Hello boys and girls 

I've just bought the game and after reading and researching about the different classes. I am between these two: Druid (Lifegiver) or Paladin (Kind Wayfarers) 

I would like to play with my main character as a main healer/support because it is my favorite role. I've read it is possible to mix classes but for my first run (in the hardest difficulty and turn base) I would like to play it with a single class to explore and understand the classes better.

I was searching on youtube some high-end videos with these two classes but I think this game is not very popular on Youtube... so I couldn't see any gameplay using these two classes (spec)... so  I am here to ask you.. which spec (Life giver or wayfarers) do you think is the most useful and fun to play? why?

Btw I am thinking to go with the standard team set up: 1 tank, 2 DPS, 1 Healer/support, 1 CC/Dbuff/utility (chanter or Cipher to give a class resources back)

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Why not Livegiver/Wayfarer Multiclass ?

And 2 part time healer are better than 1 I would say, so you can also use both. Wayfarer is nice as part of a tank build (preferably Multiclass) and single class druids are very good DPS, even Lifegivers.

Not sure of what you consider a standard team. A single character can fulfill multiple purposes. Cipher is the only class that can truly gives ressources back to other in a satisfying way.

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