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Feathers everywhere!

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Since the 0.8.0 update there are feathers in all the places where they fall. If I chop them up and collect the feather piece, it comes back within seconds. If I needed a ton of feathers it wouldn't be so bad, but I don't need them, I already have hundreds of the things. Hope they get it straightened out.

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Agree. We can cut 50 near bird bath or mystery machine, go away and come back and they're back. 

They need to nerf the spawn rate and perhaps even make it so 1 feather gives you 10 pieces. 

I also believe they are part of the glitchyness of the game as they move around etc. As I'm the host l, my friends  lags bad near them.

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A possible solution could be that no more than three can spawn before the player has the ability to harvest them. While I think that the rate that they spawn should stay the same, there should be a limit on how many can be spawned at once.

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