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[Steam v.] Paradise Of The Mind - Copperhead conversation don't start



I killed Menzzago with all his minions and leave the orb unharmed, but I can't start the conversation with Copperhead.

1. I arrrived at splintered reef and kill welcoming party.
2. I went to the ship on the left bottom map area (the one where Copperhead go after the first meeting in the inn).
3. I went to the inn, spoke with Copperhead and then kill vampire lady, other undeads and released the principi.
4. I went to the area with enterence to the vault. Cleared exterior.
5. I went to the ship to speak with Copperhead. I convinced him to make some distraction.
6. I went to the vault interior. Clear the animancer vampire room, used first blood.
7. I killed the second vampire and used his blood to open the door.
8. Journal pop up then to check what is upstairs.
8. I went upstairs.
9. I spoke with Menzzago and kill him and his minions.
10. Journal pop up then.
11. I've left the orb unharmed.
12. I went to Copperhead but I can't start the conversation. He just wishes me luck, out of dialog's window.

I've tried to destroy the orb, after that Copperhead starts dialog normally & quest becomes complete. But I don't want to destroy the orb & want to receive an Animat figure from Copperhead as a reward.

Savegame is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dX5D0VhhCUkgP3NsVX77XGYM0O7DrXhz/view?usp=sharing (Menzzago & his minions are killed, orb is not destroyed).
Game version: (Steam), OS Windows 10

Same issues with different states: one, two

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