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Buildings threated as one single object

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Hello, taking the video for the info you requested for my last post od Bouyant foundations I found that buildings that are supported with steams also are threated as one single object, no matter which part you remove all the building collapses. Before update 0.8 they were supported properly indicating zero, but now each part support the same weight. But the info I sent with last post applies for this too.


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Hey there, so i came here to report the same issue, after the update every part of my base is now supporting every other part, even if i break a roof piece the whole thing will fall apart.  I did find how ever that if i build one piece next to and connected to it, that will take all of the support and then i could break a couple of supports and rebuild them to transfer the support around and it eventually places the support onto nothing. but after saving and reloading it goes back to the bugged break one piece and the whole house of cards topples effect.

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I'm having the same problem.  I decided to make a floating base. I only have the buoyancy base with stairs attached to nothing. I've done this twice.  The supports are fine until I quit the game. It doesn't matter if I load a logout save, auto save or hard save. The result is the same...all base supports that I have built are suddenly supporting each other. It only happens when I leave the game and then load.  I have restarted the build on a small scale twice and it happened both times no matter which save i use. I am afraid to build onto an existing base.  Not risking any previous builds to see what happens. 

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Update. Yesterday my buddies and I decided to build a new base on a lily pad. While we were building we were able to delete blueprints and structural items (walls, floor scaffolding) with no issues whatsoever. 

I just logged back on this morning and it appears that same bug is now affecting this new lily pad base.  I deleted a blueprint and the whole base imploded. 

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