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To whom it may concern; 

Management has not updated the latest installment of the Outer Worlds expansion, Murder On Eridanos. Designed for consumption, this unfinished product is like diet toothpaste. Why brush my teeth if I do not or cannot eat?

Given that is it Tuesday, patch day on the Xbone servers, and there is no patch, dining to completion is impossible. Users have saved their appetites for this delicious product and are waiting to please their palettes, finishing the main course, a big juicy worm I hear. Will there be a patch? Should I call the waiter? 



Concerned and loyal diner, who paid upfront.   

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Thanks for your response! I've forwarded your information to our QA team for review.

At this time, we don't have a solution for this issue, but we're aware of the reports online from other players and our QA team is investigating, so please keep an eye out for any updates.

In the meantime, I have not yet seen any confirmed reports of fresh new characters experiencing these issues, so it's possible that this only affects older save files that meets certain criteria. If you'd still like to play the DLC without waiting for a fix, I'd recommend doing the following:

1. Delete existing autosave files.
2. Clear your console's cache.
3. Create your new save file. The DLC can be accessed after unlocking the Stellar Bay Landing Pad, so it can be unlocked earlier than Peril on Gorgon, which requires completion of Radio Free Monarch.

I would also advise avoiding opening existing save data that are currently affected by the saving/crashing issue, at least until a fix is released. I don't have any evidence that this could lead the save to "corrupt" other save files, but it's better to be safe.


Just so all know I had already tried their suggestions prior to them suggesting them - to no avail. The game is simply bugged.

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