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Interesting new discovery (for me)

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So, there's this one quest that starts at Periki's Overlook. Degnos suggests that you find his satchel, and so on, I'm sure most of you know how it goes.

The thing is, if you solve that quest so that Degnos ends up running away, and then, later on, you enter the Undercity to solve the Cornett quests, you will find Degnos' body there. This just happened to me. So Degnos has a very unhappy end, but I thought this was a nice touch. (I wonder how he got there, down below.)

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wow, i've played this game so many times and never noticed this interaction. i always thought degnos quest had an abrupt and unsatisfying endĀ either way (esp if you did the hard fight), but nice to know there's this bit of closure.

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In my view, a number of quests end quite unsatisfactorily. Also, I think it's a bit of a blemish on the game that you can't show Oderisi's notes or Beza's pages to the relevant people without relinquishing them at the same time. Once you show them, you've lost them forever. Oh well, I suppose we can't have everything.

But these little Degnos-type details, on the other hand, are quite charming, and they really add to the enjoyment. I had another one: in my most recent PoE run, I took Maneha along but didn't complete her quest at the Abbey of the Fallen Moon. And now, in Deadfire, while I was talking with the gods (or rather, they were talking to me), Ondra pointed out that I once had "one of her own" (or something like that) with me, but I did not help her. I thought that was a lovely touch. It doesn't always take much to create this sense of continuity, and it's really good when it works.

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