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Public Test Patch Notes for 0.8.0

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New Crafting Content

  • New building: Door Frame
  • New buildings: Triangular Stem Wall and Inverted Triangular Stem Wall

New Features

Major Features

  • Photo Mode: Phase 1
  • Password protecting online games

Additional Features

  • When you are placing an invalid building, a short message will describe why it is invalid.
  • When you are holding a Repair Tool, nearby damaged buildings will display an icon.
  • Loose arrows can be collected by walking over them.
  • Structures will now collapse much more dramatically when unsupported.
  • The Armor Dummy UI now has a button that swaps your gear with the dummy's. You can also do this without entering the UI by doing a "hold" interact action on the Armor Dummy.
  • When you are connecting ziplines, the anchor that will be connected is highlighted.
  • Player nameplates in multiplayer will show if a player is knocked out and how much time they have left to be helped.
  • Player nameplates will show a "busy" state above it when said player is navigating a menu.

Changes / Tuning


  • Dirty water will now apply a status effect that shows your character is sick. The more dirty water you drink, the worse the effect gets. Resting will make you feel better.
  • Smoothie Station functionality has been reworked:
    • All smoothies now require a "Goop Base" and 3 "Flavor Ingredients."
      • Goop Base determines the effectiveness of the smoothie.
        • Grub Goop creates a normal smoothie.
        • Muscle Sprout creates a "beefy" smoothie that heals for twice the amount.
      • Flavor ingredients can consist of any combination of other items and has same functionality as before.


  • Reduced the damage reduction of "Dare Devil".



  • More intense combat music will play when fighting spiders.
  • Infected weevils now move slightly faster.
  • Ladybugs have a new set of attacks to pick from.
  • Improved the accuracy of aiming with a bow using the third-person camera.


  • Player nameplates will transition into smaller character icons when not in the center of the screen. 
  • The Interact HUD has been revamped to support showing multiple interaction types at the same time.


  • Big sap nodules now take longer to respawn than individual saps.
  • "Base music" now plays during the daytime as well. A new track has been added specifically for night "base music".


  • Structures will be less likely to be considered obstructed when placed underneath static props like leaves.
  • Walls will now often pivot around corners they are snapped to when rotated.
  • Added the facing helper arrow to the Acorn Storage.
  • Dew Collector recipe and unlock changed: now unlocks with woven web and requires woven web to build.


  • + Smoothies have been replaced with "Beefy" smoothies.
    • Double the healing power as normal smoothies.
    • Same bonus status effect as normal smoothies.
    • Require the same "flavor" ingredients as normal smoothies.
    • Uses Muscle Sprout as a "base" instead of Grub Goop.


  • Improved performance of games with large bases.
  • Improved performance of games that have a lot of Storage Baskets or Storage Chests with icons set.
  • A handful of general CPU optimizations added.


  • Bees now drop pollen into the world in addition to collecting it on their legs when pollinating flowers.


Bug Fixes - All Platforms

Top Community Fixes

  • Scaffolds will now reliably be considered anchored when they are built down to the ground from above.
  • The amount of dew that spawns on grass each morning now matches the amount of dew that exists when you start a new game (doubled the current dew spawn amount).
  • Big pebbles should now respawn.


  • Building relocation will be canceled if another player places a building on the item being moved.
  • Grid buildings can no longer be anchored to tables.
  • Stairs are now easier to place on uneven terrain.
  • Hitting "w" while typing in the lobby chat log no longer sends the message.
  • Player nameplates are now positioned properly height-wise when playing as a client.


  • The player cannot zip while swimming.
  • Zipline Wall Anchor, Sap Dripper, and Stair Railings can no longer be built underwater.
  • Zipline Wall Anchor, Sap Dripper, Stair Railings, Abomination Totem, Ant Head Totem, and Slime Mold Sconce can no longer be built inside other buildings.
  • Reduced volumetric scatter intensity of Firefly Headlamp light beam.
  • Embedded arrows no longer pop slightly above where they hit.
  • Repair Tool works in "Mild" mode.
  • Splatburst now sticks even to surfaces it impacts at an angle.


  • Fireflies should no longer get stuck on the surface of the pond.

Ominent Practical Technologies

  • While we have been impressed by the [CONFIDENTIAL], we have decided to [REDACTED] to compensate.
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0.8.0 Public Test - 2984 to 2989 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds)
Changes / Tuning

  • Improved performance on games that have lots of lights built.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed a new consistent lag when staring at base walls and floors due to the the "Buildings Supported" HUD element.
  • Increasing the range arrows will be collected when walking near them.
  • The building placement error text will no longer become broken when you die.
  • Increased draw distances for player bases on Epic and High graphics settings.
  • Xbox no longer randomly crashes when taking photos with Photo Mode.
  • Fixed a Load Game issue where certain objects could be placed and scaled incorrectly in the yard.
  • The "Analyze Clover Top" tutorial no longer triggers for players who have already done that.
  • Fixed some control issues with Photo Mode.
  • You can no longer attack through base walls.
  • Door Frame will be centered during placement instead of offset.
  • Firefly Hanging Lantern can no longer be built in caves.
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