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Murder on Eridanos - Level 30 recommended?

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My question is the topic title. Is level 30 recommended for this DLC? And if I have not been misinformed by various articles I have read about this DLC I have a comment on this.

The game punishes anyone who starts a new character who has this DLC. Seriously. Try it. The DLC was triggered when my character first arrived in Monarch. Level 30 is not the typical level of a character arriving  in Monarch for the first time. Level 30 without any DLC is an end game level. My character has been trying to follow the main story. She was level 15 when she arrived at Monarch. I was going to jump into this DLC at that point until I re-read an article that said the developers had tuned this DLC for level 30 characters. If one attempts to follow this guidance and starts with a new character they have to listen to that music every single blessed time they go on to The Unreliable. I am not bashing the music. It is fun for its purpose. But try listening to it for upwards of 15 levels without asking the computer to play the new aetherwave.

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I have the opposite, already finished game and Gorgon DLC and I am Lev36 ...
everything there is a joke and they even didn't bother to increase Levcap to 40 ...

But you should really play first GORGON Dlc, as some enemies on Eridanos are explained in the Gorgon DLC ...

and as usual in that Open World Games, after around 70% of the game, you already hit the max. Lev.
Don't know, what is so hard to balance Lev Cap over the whole game, or give always some new levels , when you release a DLC, 
the enemies are already too easy, so it doesn't matter 🙂 

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