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I'm on my second playthrough on Switch, playing Peril on Gorgon. 

The visuals are great since I cleared my cache, but they're noticeably better in this DLC.

Good fun, but there are niggles.

When I select a quest in the journal, the green map marker obscures the blue fast travel marker.  I have to fight with my thumbstick to select the fast travel icon.

Food and drink, as well as other consumables, are pointless in any mode except Supernova.  Sleeping is also pointless.

Science weapons are useless except for a 100+ science build.

I have an abundance of ammo, it's literally everywhere in this DLC, it's almost pointless to collect.

When I approach doors, I can hack them or use a key card.  It's a good job my hacking skill is high, because the key cards definitely do not exist.

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Well then, maybe it's time for you to play at supernova difficulty.  My companions make quick work of the enemies and sometimes I don't even have to fire a shot.  So I also have a huge stockpile of ammo and health items, and I'm considering supernova.  Consumables are NOT pointless.  Some of them boost your attributes like perception, strength, etc. (which can't be leveled up) so you can pass dialog checks if you need to.  Those science weapons may be low-level or useless, but they add "flavor" to the world and are part of the satire of the game.  Every useless item has a funny description that is part of this game's charm. 

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