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the ability to dye your zipline ropes to help differentiate especially when there are many on one mount, extra backpack space perhaps as an expensive upgrade with berry leather or some new material, a different sound to notify if we will die of thirst or hunger, a "collect all" option on sap catchers and spinning wheels maybe press and hold x, and idea Is to bring back armor glue and add weapon/tool glue but use them in a different way. now they would be particular to each item instead of super armor glue fixing all tier two armor it would only fix one type such as ladybug armor glue would only fix ladybug armor and so on. I would recommend doing the same with weapons and tools, my past idea would be have a max limit of 5 manual saves the three most recent auto saves and the log out save because in my game it wouldn't save anymore until I deleted old saves so limiting it or aading an option to limit the total saves would be great.

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