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Idea: New Location, New bug

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My idea is a big sandbox with children toys in it that you can climb, scavage and Explore.

Idea for location: near Bird bath

The new bugs is Scorpions, big nasty Scorpions.

New items I want to add: Scorpion Shield, scorpion dagger and Scorpion armor.

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I think this is a cool idea! Having a stuffed scorpion in your base would be pretty cool too, and maybe Scorpion Armor or Venom. Scorpion venom can paralyze, so maybe the venom could be used to make a Stun Arrow or Slow Arrow or something that paralyzes bugs for a few seconds or stuns them momentarily. 

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If they don't add a scorpion at some point they are missing out on a climactic moment in their reference material. I'd much rather them add a scorpion than another spider. My wife and I joke they should change the name of the game to "Spidered."

If my backyard had this many spiders in it, I'd move. The house isn't worth it at that point.

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