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We would like you to add raining to the game grounded, because documentaries  say that for bugs, raining is like small bombs coming from the sky. I think it would be really cool to try to survive the rain like bugs do. 

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It would make sense for them to add this. It's in literally every "small scale" movie I can think of - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids uses sprinklers, Antz and A Bugs Life both have rain storms, etc. I'm sure it's on their plans for the future.

They just got to figure out a balance to the sorts of events that can cause mayhem like that - how do you have things like that happen and not destroy a base tied together with little strands of grass? They'll have to make it something that players can prepare for and/or tone it down so it doesn't completely break the game in a bad way.

I'm also down for windstorms and man-made problems too, lawnmowers or even just an idiot stumbling around back there...

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